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Calvary is proud to be able to offer its students many opportunities to find their interests and grow them. 
Whether your child has interests in music, art, instruments, scouts, or even cupstacking, Calvary offers programs to pique their interests. Due to COVID-19 we are not offering any club activities at this time.  


Calvary offers Beginning Band to its 5th and 6th graders, and Advanced Band to its 7th and 8th graders.  Classes generally occur during the school day as an Elective course and students are encouraged to practice at home. 


Calvary has been blessed with piano teachers and guitar teachers.  After-School Piano lessons are available for students in 1st grade and above.  After-School Guitar lessons are available for students 4th grade and above.


This club is a great way for kids to develop fine motor skills, as well as a useful life tool!  Boys and girls in grades 1 - 8 are invited to participate in this after school activity.  Days & Times of club will be announced.


Mr. Smith leads our 3rd - 8th Graders in this fun and dynamic after-school club.  He incorporates creative play, Lego Kits, stop-action videos, and robotics as a part of each club time.  Students meet in his classroom after school at a designated time.



Click here for information on Scouting opportunities at Calvary


 Is your child interested in Praise and Worship? Click here to learn more information!