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Mr. Dustin Smith is one of our 5th grade teachers. 

Mrs. Julia Schmidt is one of our 5th grade teachers.




Calvary's 5th Grade classes do a great job of preparing kids for Middle School!  We keep the educational opportunities exciting and interactive.  Mr. Smith has introduced a curriculum designed with Google's Chromebooks in a one-to-one environment.  Students have exclusive access to their Google Drive and Classroom which enables them to submit assignments online, practice spelling words, memory work, and much more throughout the day.  Feel free to contact Mr. Smith if you'd like more information on his curriculum using Chromebooks!






Language Arts

Shurley English

Sentence Jingles

Question & Answer Flow Sentences

Creative Writing Projects

Science & Social Studies

Life, Physical, and Earth Science

American History

US Geography (States & Capitols)

Mini Economy


Mastery Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, & Division




Faith &More!