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We welcome Ms. Kinsey Price as our Kindergarten teacher!

Mrs. Rene Finke is our Kindergarten teacher aide.




Our Kindergarten program provides a solid foundation for your child’s future education. We offer a full-day curriculum including studies of Religion, Phonemic Awareness/Phonics, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, Computer and Art.  The teacher: student ratio allows each child to benefit from small group and individual instruction and assessment.  The classroom environment is nurturing, spacious, interesting, and designed to address a variety of learning styles.  Each child is encouraged to reach their full potential regardless of their current level of development. We employ music and motion in all forms of learning.

We strongly believe that the education of a child is most effective when the teacher and parents engage in open communication and work together. Parents are invited to help in the classroom, accompany the class on field trips, or join their child for lunch.  Weekly newsletters are used to inform parents of the concepts and skills that will be covered and other information pertinent to the classroom activities.  Monthly calendars provide an overview of special events. 


Phonemic Awareness/ Phonics

Jolly Phonics- letter/sound relationships  (utilizes visual, verbal, & kinesthetic cues and songs)

Rhyming words

Beginning, ending, and medial sounds

Decoding and Blending word sounds

Reading &Writing


Fiction and Non-fiction

Characters, Plot, & Setting

Sight Words

Letter Formation (D'Nealian Manuscript)


Sentence Formation

Beginning Punctuation




Bible stories in chronological order

Faith-sharing opportunities

Application to everyday life

Chapel/ Prayer Time

Math &More

Manipulatives for hands-on learning

Number Recognition/ Value

Money, Time, Patterns, and much more

Social Studies, Science, Music, Computers, and Much More!

Dr. Seuss Week