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The Parent Teacher League (PTL) was formed to plan activities that bring families together for fun and fellowship, encourage teachers and staff, and strengthen the relationship between home, school, and church.
Calvary's PTL also funds special purchases for the school through PTL sponsored fundraisers and free-will donations. Additionally, the PTL gives back to the community every school year. 
PTL provides resources for all room parents to host holiday parties and help each teacher purchase beginning-of-the-school-year supplies. 
We host fun after school activities to all students.  This includes a Back to School Bash, Trunk or Treat, Chuck and Duck Dodgeball Tournament, and a spring outing such as roller skating.
We also host our book fairs in order to provide over 100 books for every classroom in our school.
Our fundraisers help us to provide for our teachers.  This includes new playground equipment, ball carts, books on CD, baby dolls for our preschool program, Lego club equipment, and much more. 
Parent Teacher League is composed of parents of students enrolled at Calvary.

Raise Right 


Raise Right is a gift card fundraiser that earns money simply by buying gift cards to use for everyday purchases instead of using cash or credit cards. Each gift card earns a percentage back for you and for the school. You can use the money you earn toward any school expenses and the school uses the money earned to fund programs, etc for our students.

Raise Right has cards available for nearly every store you may shop in, including groceries, gas, restaurants, retail, and online (including Itunes, Amazon, Shutterfly, etc).

You can purchase cards in the school office, order online for school shipment, and even have electronic cards downloaded immediately! 

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PTL sponsors Calvary's annual Back to School Bash.  This year we had a Foam Party!