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Mr. David Honebrink is our Middle School Math teacher.




Our Math Department follows Indiana State and National Standards in math, including basic math, honors math, pre-algebra, and algebra.  Calvary’s math curriculum offers different courses to assist each student’s academic development while nurturing them in a Christian environment. All courses use the Glencoe Mathematics series as a textbook and have an online component to help teach and reinforce the content necessary for their progress. 




6th Grade

Here is a link to the 6th grade math standards, which gives the guidelines for what we cover in class.  My goal in 6th grade is to encourage the students to take more initiative and ownership in their work as they begin middle school. There is a large emphasis on taking notes,  showing work and explaining their work, not just what the answer is. Students also take 1 day a week to work on MobyMax for math, which is 20% of their grade. Students can always do extra Moby to help improve their grade.

7th Grade

Here is a link to the 7th grade math standards. The class is divided into an honors class and a regular math class. The split is based on 6th grade performance, students initiative and work ethic and test scores. Both classes cover the standards, but the Honors class has a heavier emphasis on preparing students for high school algebra as an 8th grade student. Moby Max is used to help reinforce the material with the regular math class and ALEKS is used for the honors class. The biggest project in 7th grade is Castle Wars to help keep interest during the Geometry unit in second semester.

8th Grade

Here is a link to the 8th grade math standards. Similar to 7th grade, the 8th grade class is also split between a regular math class and an Honors math class. The regular math class is Pre-Algebra which has a balance between reviewing content  from previous years to fill in gaps and covering some Algebra content so students have more confidence in high school. MobyMax is the online tool used to help review and reinforce content for the students. The Honors class is Algebra and follows Algebra standards as well as the 8th grade standards. Students will cover the same content as they would in a high school setting. ALEKS is utilized for the online portion of their curriculum.

7th & 8th Grade Honors

Students in this program will have more challenging assignments and are expected to do one "Math Project" per semester.  These students also assist in explaining course material to classmates when necessary.  The class is weighted and students need to maintain a "C" or better average to continue in this course work.

Students in 7th Grade Honors classes will take Pre-Algebra courses and in 8th Grade, they take Algebra which can count for High School credit.