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A Calvary Lutheran Student at Graduation
During their time at Calvary Lutheran School, students build the foundation for their future. Students begin to form as responsible learners, which will be shown in their academic achievement, physical activity and social awareness. Examples of the student achievements are:
  • Is a community minded citizen
  • Is Independent
  • Shows tolerance of people’s differences
  • Is a good steward of time, talent and treasure
  • Is spiritually grounded
  • Is an active participant in their faith
  • Is morally responsible
  • Has strong knowledge of the Lutheran faith
  • Respects life
  • Has a goal of higher education
  • Is fully prepared for future rigorous education
  • Is organized
  • Is a self-directed problem solver
  • Possess articulate speaking skills
  • Is a life-long learner and critical thinker
  • Integrates technology
  • Writes with purpose and accuracy
  • Has an ownership in their education
  • Is a strong alumni supporter of schools
  • Is a good mentor
  • Possesses positive self-worth
  • Is proactive socially as well as academically
  • Takes responsibility
  • Is accountable for actions
  • Presents self well in all situations
  • Is physically active
  • Is active in extracurricular activities
  • Has a healthy lifestyle
  • Demonstrates appreciation of natural resources
Unique Opportunities
Our students have the opportunity to use and improve their public speaking skills from kindergarten through 8th grade by actively participating in weekly chapel services.
Daily prayer sets the tone for the day, gives the entire school an opportunity to think about their faith and remember people in their lives who need our prayers.   
 Our Christian environment provides a sense of community.
Caring and dedicated teachers are involved with numerous activities, attend sporting events, encourage academic competitions and share their faith-filled lives with their students.
Lutheran students are involved in service learning projects; Operation Christmas Child, Run Walk Ride, food drives and donating items for those less fortunate, just to name a few.