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Social Studies is an interesting and interactive class designed specifically for Middle Schoolers.  Our curriculum includes the study of a variety of social topics including history, various cultures, maps, and much more.  One point of focus we discuss in all grades is decision-making based upon the information and history available to us.  In order to produce critical thinkers, we strive to introduce these concepts and encourage development in that area in particular.


6th Grade Curriculum

  • What is social studies?
  • Reading maps, graphs, charts
  • Specific areas of the world, including Europe and the Americas.
  • Individual and Group projects

7th Grade Curriculum

  • Continent of Africa
  • African government, geography, and its history in the world
  • Individual and Group projects allow them to study specific countries in Africa, Asia, and the Southwest Pacific

8th Grade Curriculum

  • Primary focus on US History
  • Pre-Columbian times through Reconstruction post Civil-War.
  • Individual and Group projects in topics of various interests


Click here to ask Mr. Jacobs specific curriculum questions.