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Mr. Honebrink started as a student teacher at Calvary in 2007 and then accepted a call to continue his ministry at Calvary as the 6-8th grade math teacher. Since he's been here, he has successfully developed the Middle School Math program to include Honors classes for 7th & 8th grade. He challenges students to work hard and is willing to provide support along the way. Students complete various projects throughout the year including; paper slide videos, tessellation, proportion projects and castle wars.  

David grew up on a dairy farm in Mayer, MN where he received a Lutheran elementary and high school education. He continued his education by earning a Bachelor’s Degree from Concordia University of Wisconsin. Mr. Honebrink enjoys coaching cross country, basketball and track as well as spending time with his family which includes his wife Paula, their 3 sons and one daughter.  His mission at Calvary is to encourage students to grow their curiosity and their independence.

Our Math Department follows Indiana State and National Standards in math, including basic math, honors math, pre-algebra, and algebra.  Calvary’s math curriculum offers different courses to assist each student’s academic development while nurturing them in a Christian environment.  Help with math questions is available upon request at no cost to the parents. All courses use the Glencoe Mathematics series as a textbook.

Listed below are some of the curriculum Calvary Middle School students experience:

6th Grade

Integers, fractions, and decimals
Interpret Statistical data and learn basic concepts of Algebra
Develop Blue Prints, Use Proportions to enlarge or shrink things


7th Grade

Integers, fractions, decimals, basic Geometry and basic Algebra
Data Analysis, Measurement, and Problem-Solving
Barbie Bungee, Proportions


8th Grade

Rational Numbers, Functions, Measurement, Data Analysis, Probability, and basic Geometry
Catapults, Quadratic Equations



Calvary offers Honors Math classes to students in 7th & 8th grade. These classes are designed to set students on the track for Accelerated High School programs.

Students in this program will have more challenging assignments and are expected to do one "Math Project" per semester.  These students also assist in explaining course material to classmates when necessary.  The class is weighted and students need to maintain a "C" or better average to continue in this course work. 

Students in 7th Grade Honors classes will take Pre-Algebra courses and in 8th Grade, they take Algebra which can count for High School credit. 


Click here to contact Mr. Honebrink with any  specific curriculum questions.

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