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1st Grade at Calvary

Our First Grade curriculum is designed to enhance your child's beginnings in education.  We continue to work to develop reading skills, mathmatics and reasoning, phonics, community, faith, handwriting, and much more!  Parents are welcome to participate in the classroom during reading-time, fieldtrips, and special projects.  Our teachers encourage strong communication from home to school and vice versa.

These are some of our curriculum in First Grade:




READING                                                                               HANDWRITING              
Fiction and Non-fiction books                                             Proper size, spacing, & direction based
Journals                                                                                  on D'Nealian manuscript letters
Classroom and School Library

MATH                                                                                      SCIENCE
Addition and Subtraction Facts                                           Life, Earth, and Physical Science
Manipulatives for hands-on learning                                 Hands-On Activities
Place-Value to hundreds                                                     Living Biospheres (butterflies,
Fractions                                                                                                                  sea monkeys, etc.)
Money and Time
Geometric Shapes

FAITH                                                                                        FIELDTRIPS
Application to real life values                                                President Benjamin Harrison's home
Chapel                                                                                       Museum of Art
Scripture memorization                                                          Children's Museum
Bible stories in chronological order                                     Zoo, and others

Social Studies, Computers, Art, Music, and more! 

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Stop in for a visit to our classroom(s) anytime!

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