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Calvary's PTL heads up Scrip Sales as one of its main fundraisers. 
This simple program allows you, the customer, to purchase gift cards at face value and a percentage of your purchase goes to the PTL budget, which directly benefits your school!

For example, you know you're going to need to buy gas each week.  Rather than using your credit cards, purchase a gift card from PTL's Scrip program for $50, and get $50 worth of gas.  That purchase just earned the school ~$3. When we have 50 families doing this each week, Calvary earns ~$600/month and nobody had to buy anything they wouldn't have normally purchased anyway!  It's really that easy!

We have cards available for nearly every store you may shop in, including groceries, gas, restaurants, retail, and online (including iTunes, Amazon, Shutterfly, etc.)  You can place your order by sending an order form to school with your child or purchase them in the School Office.

This year, your participation in the Scrip program has earned Calvary's PTL nearly $7,000!